Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hoops, I did it again!

So Walkers in conjuction with Tots100 have challenged us to create a fun and yummy lunchbox for kids, using Walkers Hoops and Crosses.

As most of you know, Keani has food allergies which means that she always needs to take a packed lunch to school with her - which in turn means Dexter has to as well.  I'm always on the look out for new and exciting ways to furnish their lunches!

So I got thinking of the type of lunchbox Dexter might like to take to school when he starts in September (he's currently at pre-school).  I thought about the type of stuff he enjoys - superheros, pirates etc, and settled upon a 'treasure map' theme for his lunchbox.

I used flatbread with a topping of ham, cheese and red and green peppers for the treasure map.  Then little cheeses for the pirate faces (and the wax on the cheese as their bandanas).  Treasure was of course some Walkers Hoops and Crosses, and I added some grapes and strawberries for some balance and a little more colour.

Dexter was pretty pleased with the result and devoured the contents (and I can confirm the Roast Beef Hoops and Crosses are really tasty too, they really arrrhhhhhhhh!

This is our entry into the Tots100 #HoopsandCrosses competition.