Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Father's Day & Hob Nobs

So we're coming up to Father's Day, which has made me think somewhat about what makes a 'good dad'.  I am extremely fortunate that my kids have an AMAZING dad in James.

My own childhood and memories of my own father are not that great.  Without getting into specifics, I never felt cherished or loved or that he was particularly proud of me.  Perhaps subconsciously I 'chose' a husband who was the exact opposite - phewww!

Rachael Jess is running a fantastic competition on her blog.  In conjuction with John Lewis she is asking fellow bloggers to write a blog on what makes their dad great.  I am therefore going to write this post in the words of my 5 year old.  When I ask Keani about her dad, this is what she tells me:

'My dad goes to work and wears a suit. He talks to his friends at work and eats Hob Nobs'

erm.... anything else Keani?

'I like his socks.  He wears stripey ones'

yes but what makes him great? does he do anything special with you?

'Yeah, he swings me around a lot.  And he chases me pretending to be a monster, like this, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!'

what else?

'He's really good at making sandcastles.  And I like doing somersaults in the water with him'

'I like it when he reads me stories at night.  And he tucks me up in bed and tells the bed bugs not to bite me.  Sometimes his chin is a bit scratchy though'.

So in conclusion, I think Keani is rather fond of her daddy.  He is definitely a 'fun dad', loves spending time with the kids, and loves them unconditionally.  Awwww!