Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dexter is the Face of Galt..!

It's taken me a while to write this up due to our holiday, but before we left for our hols, we were told that little Dex had won the 'Face of Galt' competition, he was to be 'Professor Galt' and was invited down to Derby for a very exciting photoshoot - on top of that he won £250 worth of Galt toys.  My little star!

To enter the competition you had to submit an entertaining video of your little one.  We had loads of material with Dexter in as he is a naturally entertaining little boy - and also very cute with all his curls (though of course we are biased!).  We were over the moon to be picked, but quite apprehensive about the photoshoot as he is not one to take instruction that well.

There were 3 other winners and we all met up at a lovely hotel for the photoshoot.  I was thrilled to learn that Wendy from Inside the Wendyhouse would also be there as her daughter Kizzy had been chosen as Princess Galt. 

We were taken into a large room where there were lots of toys for the kids to play with, and where we met the other 2 winners.  Wendy arrived shortly after us with her husband and little boy Freddy in tow too.  It was odd meeting her in a way as I felt I already 'knew' her from reading her blog! (which is very good by the way!).  She was lovely and just as I imagined her to be.

Dexter was the first to be taken off for his shoot.  He had to put a lab coat on and some goggles, and looked so funny as his coat was way too big for him, but I guess that just added to the photo really!  We were very surprised to find him obeying the photographer, gazing at his test tube and doing what was asked of him - result!  Unfortunately the group afternoon session did not go 'quite' as well with Dexter barely paying any attention to what was asked of him, resulting in me becoming quite stressed and trying to bribe him with sweets and chocolate coins etc!  Fortunately the photographer said he had enough photos to work with and not to worry too much as he could blend some pictures together.

The end result was fantastic - and what's more Dexter went on to appear in lots of local press and became somewhat of a minor celebrity with his nursery proudly displaying his press picture on their door. 

I was asked to provide a quote for the marketing material and went with 'Dexter's personality is almost as big as his hair so we thought he'd be perfect as the face of Galt!'

So proud of our little boy.  I'm sure his pictures will embarrass him in years to come though!

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