Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mummy #Fail

I was feeling pretty good about myself on Friday.  Normally I'm pretty unorganised, but I'd written myself two notes to remind myself that the kids both had non-uniform days at their respective schools (Keani didn't get a place at the school we initially went for, and Dexter goes to pre-school, so will be joining Keani's school in September).

Dexter's brief was 'wear something yellow for Daffodil Day' and Keani had a very last minute text from her school saying 'don't forget to wear something bright'. 

We picked some super bright clothes for Keani - a nice colour clash!  I'd even remembered to buy some chocolate for the tombola.  And so I was polishing my halo as we walked to school....

Strangely none of the older kids were in bright clothes, in fact they were all in uniform.  'Oh, it must just be the Reception class' I thought to myself.  As I approached Keani's yard it all became clear though.

It wasn't a non uniform day at Keani's school, it was Dexter's.  The reminder text had been from Dexter's school.  Poor Keani stood out like a sore thumb amidst all the grey - my beautiful rainbow!  Thankfully the teacher whisked her off to borrow a school uniform from the lost property before she burst into tears.

Bad mummy!

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