Saturday, 4 February 2012

Keani's Entry into the Appliances Online Cookers Yummy Food Competition

I love doing crafty stuff with the kids - usually the first ten minutes are BRILLIANT.  It's the minutes after that that I start to tear my head out.  Both my kids seem to have an attention span of a gnat!  Anyhow, with the word 'competition prize' being quite alluring, I decided to sit Keani down and ask her to draw her favourite foods for a lovely competition hosted by Mad House Family Reviews in conjunction with Appliances Online.

Bless her, she really tried with this one.  First she drew a picture of herself, then her favourite foods (cake, ice cream and sprouts) followed by some writing.  I usually find it really hard to get her to do anything like this, but I think because food was involved she actually made more effort than normal.  I'm very impressed with the result, and her work will be proudly displayed on our wall.

So this is Keani's entry into the Appliances Online Cookers Yummy Food Competition: