Saturday, 11 February 2012


We were lucky (or unlucky) enough to have our first fall of snow this year - the brilliant thing about it was it snowed on Saturday, hung around on Sunday (bright sunshine all day) then melted on Monday in time for the school run - perfect!  Now that's my kind of snow!

The sunshine on Sunday meant we were able to take the kids sledging - for Dexter it was his first time and he loved it 'this is funnnnnnnn!' he kept shouting.  Keani loved it too.  They sledged for the obligatory 20 minutes or so before complaining of the cold and wanting to go home.  James and I were pretty hot from hoiking the sledges up the hill but weren't too disappointed to have to go.  We'd had our fun, and enjoyed seeing the kids happy even if it was only for less than half an hour! 

(Dexter and daddy played in the garden whilst Keani kept herself warm indoors - you can see where Dexter tried to hit Keani with some snowballs!)

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