Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Organix Review

Organix sent us a tasty organic selection pack for the kids to try.

Both children have grown up with Organix (I say grown up, they're only 3 and 4!) but I have always associated the brand to be organic, junk free and healthy.  Their Organix Puffs have been a staple in our children's diet for quite some time!

Although Organix aim their range at 1-3 year olds, there is no reason not to offer their products beyond the age of 3, Keani our 4 year old devoured the Gingerbread Men (made from wheat flour and grape juice).

Included in the pack was a Beef Stew and Dumplings Mighty Meal, with no nasty ingredients like added salt, preservatives or starches, it's the perfect meal for Dexter and something he's looking forward to!  I'll be giving it him when I'm short on time and need some quick and convenient food.

Also included were some Mini Cheese Crackers, a Tomato & Carrot Veg & Oat Bar, Cheese & Herb Puffs, an Apple & Raspberry Soft Oaty Bar and Raisins & Chopped Apricots.  Dexter was quickly drawn to the Tomato & Carrot Veg Oat Bar - I thought he might turn his nose up as it's not like the sugar infused oaty bars he's normally used to, but he actually really enjoyed it.

He then wanted to try the Raisins & Chopped Apricots and ate them all up too! 

The kids can't wait to try the rest of the goodies in the box and I'm happy knowing that the food is nutritious and healthy and not full of sugar like a lot of the snacks they are given (ahem.. not by me of course... ).

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  1. I love the pic of Keani devouring the gingerbread man! Nice to see some healthy, fun snacks for kids on the market! x