Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Stage Fright?!

So it is Keani's first ballet show on Saturday.  I am approaching it with trepidation I have to say!

Now Keani loves her ballet and her tap but does not love lots of people, especially people she doesn't know!  She is a quiet and somewhat shy little girl, but has a heart of gold and a very independent streak.  She was keen to do ballet and I have to say I'm extremely proud of her.  I am still one of the only mums that has to stay in the room with her, but aside from that she is doing brilliantly.

So the big thing is, will she perform at the local Town Hall infront of a big crowd? Eeek! She cried at the latest rehearsal because there were too many 'big girls' in the room (they are doing the majority of the show) and only seemed happy when they left.

Half of me doesn't want to put my little girl through it, what if she bursts into tears on stage and runs off (my biggest fear!).  But half of me thinks, no, she should 'face her fears' and maybe she will surprise us all and be absolutely fine.  Her dance teacher has told me I can hang about right at the side of the stage and hold her hand if necessary (I won't be doing that!).

So we shall see, whatever happens happens.  But I'm so proud of her for actually doing the class in the first place.  Sometimes the world is a difficult place for a shy person.......

My beautiful girl :-)