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Capture the Colour - Adventures Through Colour

I adore travelling - it's one of my passions and always has been.  I was lucky enough to travel to Australia for a year (via Malaysia) when I was 26, and subsequently worked in travel for a few years.  I went on to visit New Zealand, Borneo, Thailand, South Africa, USA, Prague and Montenegro.

More recently since having kids I've been to Florida twice, Rome, France and Venice to name but a few.

I love flying, I love experiencing different cultures, I love the sights, the sounds and the smells of a new country.   Travel broadens the mind, I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to travel.  The world is huge and I plan to see as much of it as possible, so it's been fantastic to look over all my old photos and reminisce.  Unfortunately i have also realised how with each trip I have managed to gain a new wrinkle or two! have a brilliant competition at the moment in which you need to showcase 5 photographs that capture the colours red, yellow, blue, white and green.  Have a look at the competition here.

I'm not a photographer (not by any stretch!) but I hope you enjoy the photos that I've selected and the tales behind them.

A few months into my relationship with James (now my husband), I asked if he fancied coming to Thailand with me.  He was pretty up for it really considering he'd hardly been out of the uk. This trip sparked a massive interest in travelling for him and I'm really glad he caught the bug.  I was really impressed with him agreeing to do a bungy jump with me (this was my second one).  He was absolutely petrified and was sweating profusely beforehand, whereas I was quite calm and excited.  It sealed the relationship in a way for me though as he was really scared of heights but went ahead and did it anyway.  I loved climbing up to the top of the structure and diving into the lush greenery below.  Beautiful! 
Capture the colour - GREEN
Penguins on a beach, no, really!  This photo was taken on Boulders Beach in South Africa.  I remember walking up to the beach in the blazing sunshine - there were bushes to the side of us and I heard lots of strange rustling.  Peeking through, imagine my surprise when I was confronted with a penguin - THE cutest thing.  As we appoached the beach we could see literally hundreds of penguins mooching around.  Really bizarre to see them in the sunshine I have to say.  We spent lots of time there and even braved the cold sea for a swim with them which was quite lovely until we realised we were swimming amongst penguin poo....
Capture the colour - WHITE
This next shot was taken in San Francisco (still pre kids I hasten to add!).  We spent hours walking round the streets and I loved the quirkiness of the multi coloured houses and the eclectic shops.  My feet had blistered from so much walking but we carried on regardless as there were so many cool things to see.

I adore this shop front.  I couldn't tell you what they sold, but the red stilettos are fabulous aren't they?!  I think this photo pretty much sums up this vibrant yet laid back city for me.
Capture the colour - RED
This next photo is showcasing the colour yellow.  This is from a recent trip to Florida with our two young kids and was taken on Anna Maria Island.  We hit the beach early to avoid the crowds and the heat and I managed to take some lovely simple shots of the children playing.  Dexter wouldn't be parted from his yellow spade and I think this picture sums up the morning perfectly.  The sheer joy of having a beach almost to himself and his trusty yellow spade..... I love the contrast of the yellow against the brilliant blue of the sky (and of course his crazy hair!).
Capture the colour - YELLOW

My final picture was taken on our second trip to Florida at Universal Studios.  Anyone familiar with Dr Seuss will recognise the 'Things' with their brilliant blue hair.

Keani adored meeting all the characters whilst Dexter was a grump for the majority of the time and refused to get out of the pram.  I love this pic as it shows Keani interacting with the characters - she is a quiet and shy girl by nature but her face lit up whenever she saw a new character to cuddle!
Capture the colour - BLUE
So this concludes my entry into the Capture the Colour competition.  I've really enjoyed putting these photographs together and really hope that my kids will in time feel as passionately as I do about travel.

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  1. Brilliant photos Lisa, good luck with your entry xx

  2. Ah thanks Kylie, the standard of the entries is way too high for me to compete with unfortunately! xx