Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Celebrate Their Success #PGRaisingOlympians

Wow! Haven't the Olympics been amazing so far?

It's been fantastic to have been able to celebrate our nation's achievements, from the magnificent awe inspiring opening ceremony to the courage and dedication of our athletes.  I've been feeling extremely proud to be British and have been glued to the screen daily - managing to bribe the kids to give me half an hours peace here and there.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be the parents of these athletes - I don't think I'd be able to watch, or if I did it would be through my fingers!  They must be absolutely bursting with pride.

My little ones are only 3 and 4 but already I feel so proud of what they've achieved.

My little girl, despite being very shy and quiet, and not letting me leave the room when she did her ballet class, actually went on stage at the local Town Hall and danced in front of a huge room of people - probably one of my proudest moments so far. 

And Dexter, my 3 year old, astounds me with his vocabularly and his ability to entertain.  I was particularly impressed with his circus skills the other day!

'Successes' are largely celebrated with cuddles and kisses, lots of love and the odd treat - though I'm sure as they get older, they'll become more demanding!

And as my two children start school, I will no doubt be proud of whatever they achieve.  I will instill values and morals, and hope that they continue to be the loving and caring kids that they are now.  I will gently encourage them, applaud all their endeavours and support them in whatever they desire to do.  And if Keani wants to become a world class diver, and Dexter an Olympic gymnast, then so be it!

P&G have made a series of short videos celebrating our Olympic heros, giving the perspective of their mums, and a little insight into how it feels to be the parent of an Olympic athlete.  I particularly enjoyed Pauline Pembleton's video (mum of Victoria) as her line 'you can only really try your best' really resonated with me.  I think my children will be hearing those words for many more years to come!

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