Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Naughty pigs!

Warren Evans are running a great competiton over on their blog inviting bloggers to share their stories about their favourite bed time toys.

I'm very lucky that Keani and Dexter have been great sleepers on the whole.  They share a room at the moment and until we move (in the year dot) it's likely to stay that way, however they have never known any different so they don't mind.

They are both at the age now there where bad dreams and monsters are starting to make an appearance however, and their nighttime companions are VERY important!

Keani's bedtime toy of choice is a cuddly Peppa Pig - this is particulaly ironic given her nightmare over her own version of a 'monster'.  My poor child was sobbing uncontrollably when James went to check on her.  He brought her out to the landing and apparently they had a conversation that resulted in James trying to stiffle his giggles (he had the shaking shoulders thing going on!).  Apparently the conversation went like this:

K: 'I've had a bad dream daddy' <clinging to James and sobbing her heart out>
J: 'Oh dear sweetheart, what were you dreaming about?'
K: 'Pigs' <more sobbing>
J: 'and why was that a bad dream Keani?' 'why are you so upset?'
K: 'They were sticking their tongues out at me' <sobbing gets louder>
K: 'Naughty pigs!'

Dexter has also woken up a few times having had a 'nightmare' - his nightmares do consist more of the regular 'monster' variety as opposed to the 'pigs sticking their tongues out' and Keani gets very concerned when he wakes up crying.

To ward of the monsters Keani kindly gave Dexter her Iggle Piggle toy - apparently if he puts Iggle Piggle's blanket over his eyes then the monsters won't get him.  He now won't be separated from him, and heaven forbid if he forgets to take him to bed!

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