Sunday, 17 February 2013

That's my Hero - Super Dex!

So MoneySupermarket and Tots100 are running a fantastic competition to find out about your child's or grandchild's superhero.

My two kids love their superheros!  Dex is a bit little to be drawing his own, but his personal favourites are Spiderman and Batman.

When I asked Keani (5) who her favourite superhero is, she said 'Super Dex' (this is what he calls himself sometimes).  I asked her what he does that makes him a superhero and she said 'he draws lots of crosses - lots of X marks the spot' (which he does - he's a little bit pirate obsessed too).

Anyhow after more questioning, it transpires that 'Super Dex' is a superhero who draws lots of 'X marks the spot' on the ground, and everytime he draws an X he leaves some treasure.  The treasure can be anything - from chocolate coins to pirate DVDs and Disney Princess dolls.

Wow, what a wonderful superhero!

This is Keani's depiction of 'Super Dex'.  I love the fact she's given him a curly quiff (Dexter has unfeasibly curly hair).  I especially like his green mask and dayglo tights too!

This post is an entry into the Tots100 MoneySupermarket That’s My Hero competition


  1. I am really enjoying seeing how kids think - it is do lovely. What a fab drawing too

  2. I know, it's so sweet how their little minds work! Thank you :-)