Saturday, 16 July 2011


Sorry for the late post, not been around much this week!

Well, what can I say? I started off last Monday with a Zumba class, Wednesday Zumba class, Friday swimming (50 full lengths - go me!) and Sunday another 50 lengths.  I ate no chocolate, no rubbish, felt entirely virtuous, stood on the scales...... and cried.  I have stayed exactly the same blinkin' weight since I started. I have no idea why.  It is so unfair! <stamps feet>.

However winners never quit and quitters never win and all that.  I've got to carry on doing this...  I went swimming this week with another 3 mums, all of whom have had 2 babies and all of whom are very skinny.  Made me feel rubbish to be honest.  My belly will not shift.  But I refuse to be miserable, I like wine and I like eating - I can't give that up, I refuse to! I've cut down, I've upped my exercise, what more do I need to do...  ?    (arrgghhhh!!).

Hope to have a more positive post next week.  In the meantime, I'm off to the gym....



  1. Gotta hand it to you, thats really good going!! yay you on all that exercise! Sometimes the body needs a couple of weeks to get into its new regime and then you may see weight loss. i couldn't agree with u more though, i like food i like beer lol...lifes too short!!!
    Hope you have a great week, and don't worry about those scales, they're all liars lol!! x :)

  2. You've done amazingly well - wow I am in awe.

    If the pounds are not shifting, maybe you've added some muscle which is heavier than fat?

    Anyway keep it up as you are on the right path.

    Liska xx

  3. Good goign with the exercise, if you stay constant it will come in time, logic says that it can not do anythgin else. One thing to think about, might be portion size?

    Good luck this week. Mich x

  4. Your exercise is amazing well done you, don't get disheartened with your weight loss it will start to fall off.

    I was thinking have a look at what you are eating or drinking and see if something jumps out at you for being high in calories. I discovered my love of latte and cappuccino was full of calories and a few too many bottles of wine or cider.

    Oh and I was told by my GP I was not eating enough and never had breakfast. I now have breakfast every day and force myself to stop for lunch.

    Dianne x

  5. Scales are very mean you're right - I've tried them in different areas of the bathroom but they keep coming out with the same weight.. naughty scales!

    I can't face reducing my portion size yet, but maybe if I keep at the exercise and still nothing happens I might have to think about reducing them. Oh god, I might even have to lower my wine intake too. Noooooo!