Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pepppppppa Pig... oink!

So we drove for 5 hours on Tuesday morning (up with the larks at 5.00am to get on the road!).  Peppa Pig World is near Southampton so for us (near Leeds) it is a massive trek, but the kids are huge Peppa Pig fans and James and I love theme parks so we figured it would be worth it.

We managed to get a deal with Paultons Park (where Peppa Pig World is situated) and got a night at the Holiday Inn plus 2 days entry into the park for £115, I reckon that's a pretty good deal - especially as we tucked into a full English breakfast as well!

As we approached the park we saw the signs for Peppa Pig World and James and I got a bit giddy - turned around to get the kids excited only to find them both fast asleep!  They had been awake the WHOLE journey down and decided to have a little nap minutes before we got there.  Little tinkers.  Anyway we woke them up (obviously) and headed straight to the Peppa Pig section of the park.

We went straight to the 'Windy Castle' ride - there was a bit of a queue so we were trying to wrestle with the 2 kids for the duration.  Queuing is not their forte unfortunately.  Dexter kept trying to leg it away from the queue and got most upset when we kept bringing him back.  We then had to resort to bribing both kids with bread sticks for the whole of the queue, that meant the whole packet had been eaten by the time we got to the front!  It was worth it though, we all loved the ride and we were able to see out over the whole of Peppa Pig World to decide what ride to go on next.... and so the day continued in a similar vein.  More queuing, more bribery but the kids did seem to get 'better' at queuing as the day progressed and we came up with more tactics to keep them amused!

Peppa Pig World is so lovely and colourful and exactly as it appears on the TV.  There are about 7 great rides, and towards the end of the day (around 4.00pm) people start to go home so you don't have to queue!  Throughout the park there are recordings of the characters and the theme tune playing and it is just so lovely and innocent.  The children even got to meet Peppa and George - little Dexter was overcome with excitement!

We were able to leave Peppa Pig World and go on all the other rides within Paultons as well which was great as Keani and I got to go on the Log Flume and some other really cool rides!

We were all exhausted at the end of the day.  James and I fretted about having the kids in the same room as us (we had a particulary bad experience last year!) but we needn't have worried as the kids fell asleep immediately and didn't wake up til 8.00am! Result!  When they woke up we asked them what they wanted to do that day and they both said 'go to Peppa Pig World!' which was fortunate as we had a 2 days for the price of 1 pass!  So another fun packed day was spent there.

We had a ball and can't wait to go again :-) I've got that bloomin' Peppa Pig theme tune in my head now....   :-(   !!


  1. WE might have to pay Peppa Pig world a visit this summer,we only live a couple miles away from it.We went last year whilst Peppa Pig world was being built and had a great day.Did you go on the Edge? I went on with my then 7 year old,fearless,daughter.Found out a couple weeks after our visit that I was pregnant and spent ages worrying as I'd been on all the big rides.Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  2. It is fabulous, isn't it? We are off there again in the summer. Mich x

  3. No Nicola didn't go on The Edge - not sure which one that is, though Keani is only 3 so perhaps she was too little? Yeah Mich tis fab, we want to go in September again! :-)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. This site does some great deals if you were looking for another fun day out. My kids love Peppa Pig World