Monday, 4 July 2011

Shaking my booty - oh yeah!

Well tonight I have just come back sweat laden from my new Zumba class.  It's been something I've been putting off for ages and I decided tonight was 'the night'.  I was lucky to get a cancellation as the class is normally full and I'm really glad I went.  The class was fun and I shook my booty!

Yeah, I was a bit nervous to begin with, I thought everyone would be super fit and super co-ordinated but fortunately this wasn't the case.  I was able to learn the moves reasonably quick and I realised how much I'd missed dancing.  The only dancing I do now is drunk wedding dancing - all a bit tragic really.  I hardly listen to music anymore really so it was great to get back into it again.  Don't get me wrong I'm not a dancer but I used to enjoy nights out and 'getting on down' before I had the kids!

The lovely Trevor from 'Slimpod' fame, hasn't quite worked his magic weight wise, though to be honest I haven't had a bar of chocolate for 3 weeks (unheard of!).  So why I haven't lost any weight I don't know.. although I'm thinking the copious amounts of wine (ahem) I've been drinking probably haven't helped my cause. So the Zumba class is needed I think.  Obviously one class a week isn't going to make much difference, but I'm going to try and do a session mid week as well and then perhaps on Friday go swimming or something.  Ha! listen to me!  I always have so many good intentions....

Me!        (no, not really)

PS. Have decided to join the Mumentum ladies if they'll have me ;-)


  1. Wahey a new member - welcome to the gang.
    Going to bed soon so can't stay and have a good read but have read this Zumba post obviously.

    I also miss getting on down for a good boogie.

    Welcome to Mumentum.

    Liska x

  2. Helloo
    Now a new follower of your lovely blog!
    I have been considering Zumba for some time, but have been putting off in fear of looking like a complete fool! I don't think I have any natural rhythm anymore, only after a few bevies I think I have(but blatantly don't lol)But it sounds like you had a good session!

    Maybe slimpods can help me also with my choccie addiction! Although like any addict i'm not sure i want to give up yet lol!!

    Best of luck this week fellow mumentum-er!
    Rachel :o)

  3. Hi I am really keen to try zumba mind I have just done a fast 20 mins on the steppa and wore my self out lol so might not keep up.

    Welcome to Mumentum

    Hope you have a great week

    Dianne x

  4. Aww, wine my downfall too, but I think for mental health reasons it's something I can't give up ;-) good luck and well done for the Zumba class, can't even get round to doing the Zumba dvd's, that's how unmotivated I am! Nat

  5. Wow no chocolate for 3 weeks...that's amazing!

    I think if before long your weight loss will start to show, especially now you are exercising.

    Have a great week :) x

  6. welcome to the Zumba club. i love zumba even though I'm a large lady with totally no coordination. I don't care if I'm not that good I'm there for the exercise, and it is great exercise.