Monday, 18 July 2011


So I stepped gingerly on the scales this morning, after WEEKS of no loss, I am pleased to announce that I have actually lost a whole pound.  Err.. go me.

Still a pound is a pound..  I need to lose about a stone so not a huge amount to lose but it is proving way more difficult than I imagined.  This week has been tricky as we went to Peppa Pig World for two days and theme park food is not great at the best of times.  I went with good intentions of course but the choice was limited so I may have resorted to chips.  And then of course we had to go out for tea with the kids so Pizza Hut were doing a good deal....  and then we had another day of junk essentially, rounding the 2 days off with a KFC.  Whoop! Did I do well... ??!

On a more serious note, when we got back I did feel bad and subsequently went swimming on the Friday, then attempted the gym on the Saturday (but it was closed so I went for a 'run').  When I say 'run' I mean that in the loosest of terms, as the lovely man walking his dog remarked as I went past 'err you're supposed to be running love, not walking'.  Yes, thank you.  Anyhow, I brushed myself off from that little comment, came home and did Just Dance on the Wii.  Then on Sunday I went swimming again, yep another 50 lengths.  And get this, I've just got back from Zumba.  Phewwww! 

Funnily enough (now I may be getting obsessed) but I weighed myself after Zumba and I'd lost another pound.  That could be through sweat though?!  So that's two whole pounds.  What's the bet it's all magically back on by the morning?

Watch this space!


  1. Gosh you have done more exercise in a week than I have done in a year and I am not kidding and that's even though I used to be a Yoga Teacher.

    Well done. Losing a pound when you've had those days away and pizza hut etc... is great.

    Weight loss is always slower when you have a small amount to lose (a stone).

    What does make stubborn weight fall off though is going wheat and dairy free - that's worked for quite a few people I know, but it is very very hard to do, but some love it.

    Liska x

  2. Most definately a loss is a loss - well done you., Mich x

  3. Well done sound really motivated, but realistic too! Enjoy your pizza then zumba it's a far better way to diet than becoming obsessed with not eating anything 'naughty'!!! xxx

  4. Well done x I am so pleased for you. My daughter has just come in from Zumba, I have to say she is not impressed she does not seem to think she is co-ordinate d for it.

    Your swimming is amazing, I am quite fed up that I missed it last week and can't wait to go this week x

    Dianne x