Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Why the blog? What's with the name?

So I've decided to set up a little blog, primarily to document my competition efforts and successes and to spur me on when I can't be bothered to enter any (this happens frequently).  I guess it might be also be interspersed with little snippets of life, who knows?

I chose the name as it seemed very apt (I have no discernible talent - funny that!).  Some would say being able to 'type really fast' is a talent, or being able to 'swim a length underwater' is a talent - I would have to disagree.  I would love to have a proper talent - like singing (ha, yeah I wish!) or writing (I'm working on it) or even being able to bend my leg around my ear - something really impressive like that would be good.  But no.  I am however pretty good at moving baked beans with chopsticks, but more about that later.....

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