Saturday, 11 June 2011

Swimming cossie trauma!

So today I decided to go shopping for a swimming cossie - well when I say 'shopping', if you count a quick scoot into Debenhams with Keani in the pram being bribed with chocolate buttons to be good, then I suppose I went shopping.

With a Center Parcs break on the horizon and lots of swimming planned I needed to replace my threadbare very boring black (now grey) tummy control swimming costume.

So I went to Debenhams and bought a new black tummy control swimming costume.

Not quite the result I was after. Unfortunately the prettier swmming cossies without the control in them, weren't that forgiving around my mum tum, in fact they made me look pregnant. I still pat my tummy sometimes forgetting that I am not indeed pregnant (nor likely to be) so it's only a matter of time before someone asks me when I'm expecting.

So I tried the tummy control cossie on and it looked passable. But god, do I hate looking at myself in the mirror and seeing my body - especially in a swimming cossie! Horrible. I shouldn't have looked really, should have just bought it and convinced myself I looked hot.

It annoys me irrationally when I see all these new mums in the swimming pool when I take the kids and they are parading around in their bikinis. Bikinis! I ask you! I'm feeling bad enough about my belly without these svelte ladies flaunting their taut stomachs in bikinis (sorry if you are one of these mums, I'm just jealous).

Anyway I think it's only proper and right that I crack open some wine now. I need to get over my swimming cossie trauma....


  1. Aww Lisa...we are our own worst critics! I bet you look great in your cossie. Go and enjoy Centre Parcs with confidence and have a fab time in the pool! (Saying that on my recent trip to Alton Towers Water Park I made sure I stayed submerged so no one could see my overhang and muffin top!! hehe)

  2. Aww thanks, I so don't though! Like you say, I think the trick is to stay submerged ;-) Thanks for the tip :-)