Monday, 20 June 2011

Things I have learnt after 5 days at Center Parcs

1.  That I don't look good in a cycle helmet.

2.  That there is no room for fashion at Center Parcs.  Cycling with heels is a tad precarious especially when they get stuck in the pedals.....

3.  That I am very unfit - having to walk up hilly bits with my bike whilst small children whizz past on their little bikes with stabilisers is a 'little bit' embarrassing.

4.  That I should leave the manouvering of the kids onto the zip wire to my husband.  Launching my toddler onto the seat then pushing her (without letting go) results in me falling flat on my face.  Which equals more embarrassment (and hurty bits).

5.  That I am turning into a scaredy cat.  'Nooo you can't go on that slide it looks really dangerous' (said to my husband as he comandeered a 'drop slide' in a soft play area).

6.  That pre-kids I never thought I would ever go to such a place as Center Parcs but actually it was really good and we are going to go again :-)


  1. lol at this post!!! very funny. good job done i reckon, i am with u on the scaredy cat thing, it gets worse as u get older i reckon....

    just 'followed' and look forward to stopping by again, tamsyn xxx

  2. Who does look good in a cycle helmet? I even laugh at my children in them, bad mummy, but they do look a bit silly! And yeah, I'm with you too on the scaredy cat thing! Think it's once your a mum, you no longer see fun, just danger!! Hee hee! Nat

  3. So true actually - who does look good in a cycle helmet?! That's made me feel better! Yep definitely more of a scaredy cat now and getting worse.. boo!