Saturday, 18 June 2011

Keani's 'bad dream'

So we've just returned from a fantastic 5 days at Center Parcs (more about that to come).  We spent the last day at Walby Farm Park (fabulous place!).  Anyhow, the kids were knackered when we came home and quickly went to sleep... until about an hour later when we heard Keani run out of her room crying.  James went up to investigate and apparently the conversation went like this:

K: 'I've had a bad dream daddy' <clinging to James and sobbing her heart out>
J: 'Oh dear sweetheart, what were you dreaming about?'
K: 'Pigs' <more sobbing>
J: 'and why was that a bad dream Keani?' 'why are you so upset?'
K: 'They were sticking their tongues out at me' <sobbing gets louder>
K: 'Naughty pigs!'

Apparently at this point James was shaking with laughter and trying not to let it out.  Poor Keani and her bad dreams.  I hate it when the kids are unhappy, and knowing that they're dreaming about stuff that upsets them is horrible.  But pigs sticking their tongues out?! I really hope that's the worst dream she'll ever have :-)


  1. That is hilarious! Not the sobbing (poor wee soul!) but the naughty pigs! lol

  2. Thanks all, bless her, I think she's over it now ;-)